Friday, August 31, 2012

Jennifer Loy's Labor Day Romance Contest

. Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking for a romantic read this weekend? Hop on over to and click "contact" then in the subject line put "Labor Day Special". Jennifer Loy will draw a name this Friday evening at 6pm PDT and send you one of her ebooks of your choice.

My favorite is Rodeo Drive, but I haven't read her new one, Million Dollar Bra, yet.

Million Dollar BraWho the hell can afford the four Million Dollar Bra that comes out of the Victoria’s Secret catalog holiday issue every year? Devin Warner, Brittany’s boss could and he did. But why? She gets kidnapped before she finds out... Ryan Blake, the world’s worst kidnapper has just discovered his mistake could very well work out for him, but can he convince the beautiful Brittany to take off this elegant jeweled bra? No way! They will steal it back and forth and enjoy every minute of it. An unruly adventure that criss-crosses across the country with more wild twists and turns than a roller coaster ride.

Rodeo DriveIn Rodeo Drive, starving artist, Tiffany Hunter, creates a new business as a Purchase Consultant, a gift saver for desperate, busy, hard-working, or just plain lazy men.Most have procrastinated to the last minute to buy gifts for their wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, even their fiances.She gets a high from shopping, a rush from the lack of time, and finds pleasure in the women's faces when she pretends to be the delivery person as she drops the gift off at their door. Tiffany Hunter's favorite place to shop is of course, Lauren & Co. on Rodeo Drive, where she meets the sharp-dressed jeweler, Nick Bennett.As Tiffany and Nick's relationship heats up, two of their old flames return.As the summer temperature rises in Southern California, so does the anticipation of which path Tiffany will take.Follow Tiffany on her hilarious and surprising adventure.

I hope I win...but if not me, one of my grrls or grrly boys! Tell her I sent you. ;)


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