Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Ordinary Love by Kate Lynd

. Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just finished reading No Ordinary Love, a short science fiction erotic romance by Kate Lynd. It is a shortie but a goodie set in post alien-invaded Earth with a half-breed hero and a human rebel heroine.

Lynd has a unique voice, telling the story she wants to tell the way she wants to tell it. The guts she shows in her writing is seen in her gutsy characters as well. She left me wanting more, which is what any good writer should do.

Yay! New science fiction romance! I'm soooooo happy right now. ☺ ♥

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


festival8 said...

Thank you for such a great review Jocelyn and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. -


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