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Day Three of the Three Days of Hart!

. Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luminous Nights (BookStrand Publishing Romance)It's the final day of the Three Days of Hart and I saved the best for last! I had the opportunity to interview the smokin' hot hero of Luminous Nights. Take a look:

Jocelyn: Welcome, Jack, the very dangerous hero of Luminous Nights. Let’s start off with the MOST important question. *WEG* Boxers or briefs?
Jack: I go commando-style. Underwear only gets in the way.

Jocelyn: Mmm. Nice. Um, okay, of the Big Three--bosom, booty, and legs--which is your favorite part of a woman?
Jack: I’m a leg man. If I’m attracted to a woman, I’m going to imagine her legs around me. If I could wander past the Big Three, I’d say her lips. A sensual woman could hypnotize me with her mouth. Very sexy. My heroine Rachel is long-legged with soft, expressive lips. I fell in love with her at first sight, long before she ever laid eyes on me. When I boarded her ship, she was as warm as a an ice cube. Now why would she feel that way when I’d just broken out of prison and had used her and her freighter to do it? It escapes me.

Jocelyn: Jack, I can't figure you out so tell me, are you a very bad good guy, or a very good bad guy?
Jack: (his blue eyes a steady stare) I guess, that’s a point-of-view question. And Rachel would probably give a different answer every day.

Jocelyn: *snort* Yeah, I bet she would. Jack, it hasn’t gone unnoticed you’ve terminated a lot of bad guys in Luminous Nights. You’d launched an interplanetary killing spree with your crazy laser gun. You’re a one-shot executioner with a weapon that burns holes through bodies. Nothing stopped you. Is it true you like killing people?
Jack: No, no, no. Was I sworn in for this interview? Okay, yes, a little. Criminals, I like shooting criminals and demons. All right, I love it, every second of it. Been a bull’s-eye shooter since I was twelve, and for good reason. If a criminal raises a gun to me, it’s his last decision.

Jocelyn: Your incredible marksmanship saved the day several times in LN. Do you credit your I-Marshal training for that?
Jack: It was actually a family tragedy that put me before the target line. I came into the Alliance Marines a dead shot, but the training at the I-Marshal Academy can’t be beat. I credit the angel over my shoulder.

Jocelyn: Let’s talk about your heroine, Rachel.
Jack: Let’s talk about her. Fine-looking woman.

Jocelyn: Yes, she is.
Jack: I get to look at her pretty face and bury my hands into her long chocolate hair every day. Our children will be beautiful.

Jocelyn: That’s sweet. You seduced her with alien chocolate.
Jack: (his smile deadly and compelling) I like to think I moved her with my charm, my wit, and my kiss.

Jocelyn: I read the book. Your wicked charisma had only put you so close to her. Rachel had been a rock.
Jack: Don’t underestimate my hands. My hands were just getting started. My lips were just warming up.

Jocelyn: It was the mind-bending chocolate and the hands everywhere that cracked her. The Aztec goddess trick worked wonders, as well. You’re an enchanting devil. You made yourself a bigger enemy by the moment, and you still melted her ice.
Jack: (engages the bulletproof grin, leans forward to share a secret) I held all kinds of blackmail and manipulation prepared and waiting in the wings, if the chocolate failed. I broke her down, disarmed her at every turn. For being such a frigid little man-hater when I boarded her ship, she did, in fact, fall to my best weapons. She never stood a chance against me as long as blood flowed through her feminine veins.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Two of the Three Days of Hart!

. Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day two and it's time for a sneak peek of Michele Hart's new book, Vigilant!

One surviving hijacker is charged with the murders of a hundred citizens.
One cop sees her innocence.

Alliance I-Marshal Weber hauls Yadira to her home planet and infiltrates the human-trafficking ring controlling her. But he finds himself unbearably attracted to his witness. A gift for detecting deception reveals she’s the next victim of a criminal industry.

Descending into shadowy worlds of slavery, Yadira endures a dark angel stalking her dreams and watches the quiet I-Marshal become dangerous in her defense. Everything about him moves her…except the memory of seeing him execute the most important man in her life. Shouldn’t she take vengeance? Delusions of a heavenly guardian affect her mind.

Slavers and demons plan to snatch her from Weber’s custody while he is uncovering connections, and Weber won’t hesitate to execute the guilty surrounding Yadira. Who but a son of fire can save her from fiends harboring hardcore fantasies of harming her?

Copyrighted Work..
[This excerpt is R-rated.]

The steam engulfed her, and water jets pounded her. The shower spray beat her body into bliss, reinvigorating her. Weber stood for the abuse, standing spread eagle and enjoying the rough massage. It felt very good, and he looked very good doing it. She wanted to put her hands all over him, but she’d never done such a thing before. She tried to make it feel normal and ordinary that she showered with a naked man. A big, handsome, strong, protective, brave man. It was a naughty thrill for her just to stand in the same room with him and look at him, clothed. The man moved her.
“Weber, what do you know of angels?”
“It’s angels again… I thought you didn’t believe in them. Have a few dreams changed your mind?”
She hadn’t told him of the second dream. They hadn’t had time between the daredevil escape from the Alliance’s clutches, the visit to the doctor’s lab, and the awesome view outside their hotel window. He revealed himself in incremental hints to see if she caught on.
“Maybe it wasn’t a dream,” she proposed, her eye on his default expression of stoicism. The water droplets raced down his hard body like shooting stars. “Maybe they were visitations. I thought I was asleep, but I wasn’t. Did I tell you the angel confessed to me he was a part of you?”
“No, you didn’t tell me that part. What color was your hair when he spoke to you?”
Her hand went to her hair beneath the pour of a showerhead massaging her scalp. She looked down to see her saturated black tresses covering her breasts and thin black drizzles of the hair color draining down her body with the water. “I didn’t notice. Why would that matter?”
He took the small distance separating them, and he put her into his arms, the sprays all around them. Naked and pressed against him shut her mind down to all but what he did to her.
“It seems to me if they were simple visitations, your hair would be black, as it is in this reality. If your hair were blond, as you truly are, how the Maker made you, then you may have been taken to a spiritual realm where corporeal bodies don’t exist and the barriers dividing souls is thinner. A place where only truth exists. Your black hair is a lie and couldn’t appear there.”

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day One of the Three Days of Hart!

. Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome grrrrrls to the first day of what I am calling The Three Days of Hart!

Today you have the opportunity to learn about the kick ass sci fi romance book Luminous Nights by Michele Hart. Be sure to check out the excerpt; it will hook you right in.

Cop or convict?
How many faces can one man own?

An assassin wearing a holographic mask and a prison tattoo boards Rachel’s freighter during a prison riot, intent on collecting gadgets capable of changing a man’s identity from the black-market gang who'd stolen them. Rachel’s never sure of Jack's identity nor his goal, but he claims to be an Alliance I-Marshal. Cop or convict? The clues never stop contradicting. She's horrified to find the bright holographic mask conceals the gruesome face of a monster. And the badge doesn’t slow him from murdering people right before her eyes.

When Rachel learns Jack will trade innocent lives for the digital miracles, she determines to make the mercenary grow a heart. How could a stone-cold killer kiss her so hotly? How could she kiss such a dangerous deceiver?

Jack has done years in prison to learn who’d stolen the remaining Gemini ticks, 3-D magic. Nothing will keep him from gaining extreme technology capable of unleashing galaxy-wide chaos. Forget feelings for Rachel. She can’t stop him from killing everyone involved.


Prison breaks, alien chocolate seduction, super weapons, doomsday devices, explosions, narrow escapes, murder-defying deceit, and threats of genocide, all while riding a harrowing
roller coaster with a man wearing a holographic mask.
Crazy fun! Frightening adventure.

Reviews for Luminous Nights:
Happily Ever After Reviews – 5 out of 5 Teacups + a Recommended Read!
Fire Pages Reviews – “Wickedly awesome!”
The Reading Reviewer – “What a complete and utter treat!”
More Reviews Here:

Copyrighted Work.
(This excerpt is rated R for a sexual situation.)
Reward for a Hero

“Where did you pitch our tent, Luminous?” Rachel asked Jack, stepping over dew-wet sticks and leaves toward a light deeper in the moonlit forest.
“Stop calling me that,” Jack said, tugging her into the treeline.
“Stop calling you Luminous?”
“Yeah. Don’t call me that. That's not who I want to be with you.”
“Should I tell everyone?”
“No, just you. I don’t want you calling me that.”
It was progress that he wanted someone to know him beyond his life as a government assassin.
Beyond the camp firelight, he led her to a tent beyond the woods’ edge and out of view. Jack’s camping light was turned on inside. Incense smelling just like the incense she kept in her quarters smoldered in the air. How did he do that?

Manic Monday Body

Welcome to Manic Monday! Time for a little free association writing on the word "body." Inspired? Post your free write in the comments.

My body is a work, imperfect. A line, crooked. A piece of flesh linked to others through unseen means. A covering, in which I'm hovering. My ghost hosted by body unbroken, soft spoken, a token, which pays off the reaper one more day, hour, minute. One second more and I may hit the floor. Empty. Meat with no bones to gnaw on. Angel with no earthly home. Still attached in spirit, and in breath, alone. Perfect in its imperfection, my body will not survive this infection, this life.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

. Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love Easter. Next to Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. The weather, the egg hunts, the kids all dressed up and looking adorable. My sisters and I loved it so much that we suckered our parents into hiding eggs for us when we were well into our late teens. Back then all I care about was the fun of the hunt and of course the candy, but now as a writer I wonder about the origins. Western society knows the biblical story of the resurrection of Christ that is celebrated on Easter, but what about the story of the Easter Bunny?

I've never heard the Easter Bunny called anything but the Easter Bunny but when I began researching the origins, I found that he is also known as Easter Hare and Spring Bunny. No matter what you call him, he seems to be the animal version of Santa Clause, bringing gifts--usually in the form of candy and eggs--to good little boys and girls.

Easter, like many now Christian holidays, was originally pagan. A festival celebrated by Saxons, they celebrated Eastre, the goddess of spring and offspring. The bunny tie-in is their prolific ability to reproduce. Eggs were brought in by Christians as a symbol of the resurrection. That's it, it's as simple as that.

If you want the full history of Easter and all kinds of interesting facts, check out this article by Arlene Wright-Correll.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

. Friday, April 22, 2011

Life is the fruit she longs to hand you,
Ripe on a plate.
And while you live,
Relentlessly she understands you.
Phyllis McGinley

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Call for Submission​s: Curvy Girls

. Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rachel Kramer Bussel, editing for Seal Press, has sent out a call for Curvy Girl erotica stories. Here are the details:
Call for Submissions
Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women
Length: 2,000 to 4,000 words celebrating women in all their curvy glory.
Editor: Rachel Kramer Bussel
Publisher: Seal Press in 2012
Deadline: June 1, 2011 (earlier submissions preferred)
Payment: $100 and 2 copies of the book on publication
Rights: buy all rights (This means for $100, Seal Press owns all rights to contracted works!), see exact contract terms.

Here is what Ms. Bussel has to say:

We are living in a time when “plus-size” is a fashion catchphrase, but everyone from Meghan McCain to Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Love Hewitt has been attacked for being too big, when the slightest roundness in the belly sets off tabloid “baby bump” rumors, and stars' weight is scrutinized down to the very last ounce.

This book is a chance to write about the sensual, erotic side of having “more to love” and/or loving a woman of size. I want everything from big butts to plus-size corsets to pregnant bellies and beyond; how you define "curvy" is up to you, but that should come across clearly in your story. I want partners who are bigger and smaller than their curvy lovers, who seek out fat/plus-size/curvy/fill-in-your-preferred-word-here women or who’ve never been with one. Please note that “curvy” or “plus-size” does not have to mean feminine; I’d also like some butch, androgynous, athletic and other perspectives.

The exact definition of “curvy” I will leave up to you. Stories can be from the POV of a “curvy girl” or her lover. These should be erotic stories that fully explore all aspects of female sexuality; excitement and adventure are welcome, as well as stories close to home. The final book will include a range of stories spanning from long-term relationships to one-night stands, from vanilla to kinky. I’m mainly looking for contemporary stories, but a few stories featuring historical settings could be included.

Stories should grab me with the first sentence and not let go. Looking for characters with a range of voices, storytelling tones, diversity of age, race, and location, especially incorporating these varying viewpoints into the plotline and the characters’ outlook on body image and size. Think America Ferrera, April Flores, Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Crystal Renn, Gabourey Sidibe, Mia Tyler, or whoever your favorite “curvy girl” icon is (those are just a few names to get you pondering). No reprints, no poetry. All characters must be over 18. No incest, bestiality or scat. For an idea of the kinds of stories I like, please see my anthology Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women. Authors of all genders may submit to this anthology, but the primary focus should be on the main curvy protagonist, though it can be from any character's POV.

How to submit: Send double spaced Times or Times New Roman 12 point black font Word document with pages numbered (.doc, NOT.docx) OR RTF of 2,000 to 4,000 words. Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch and double space (regular double spacing, do not add extra lines between paragraphs or do any other irregular spacing). US grammar (double quotation marks around dialogue, etc.) required. Include your legal name (and pseudonym if applicable), mailing address, and 50 word or less bio in the third person to If you are using a pseudonym, please provide your real name and pseudonym and make it clear which one you'd like to be credited as. Authors may submit up to 2 stories. I will get back to you by December 2011 at the latest.

About the Editor: Rachel Kramer Bussel is the editor of 38 anthologies, including Fast Girls: Erotica for Women, Surrender, Gotta Have It, Peep Show, Bottoms Up, Spanked, The Mile High Club, Do Not Disturb, He’s on Top, She’s on Top, Tasting Him, Tasting Her, Crossdressing, Dirty Girls, and is Best Sex Writing Series Editor. Her books have won 5 IPPY (Independent Publisher) Awards. She is Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations, writes a sex column for, wrote the Lusty Lady column for The Village Voice, and hosted and curated In The Flesh Reading Series for five years. She conducts readings and erotic writing workshops nationwide. Her writing has been published in over 100 anthologies, including Susie Bright’s X: The Erotic Treasury, Best American Erotica 2004 and 2006, and Zane’s Purple Panties and the New York Times bestseller Succulent: Chocolate Flava II. She has written for Cosmopolitan, The Daily Beast, Fresh Yarn, The Frisky, The Gloss, Jezebel, Mediabistro, Newsday, New York Post, Penthouse;, The Root, Time Out New York, Zink and other publications.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Kansas Writers Win 2011 Writers Exchange Award

. Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am full of Kansas pride at the news that not one but two writers from Kansas won the the 2011 Writers Exchange Award, receiving prices that include all-expense-paid trip to New York to meet with publishing professionals!

Congratulations to José Faus of Overland Park, Kansas, and fiction writer Sanda Moore Coleman of Wichita, Kansas!

José Faus, a native of Bogota, Colombia, received degrees from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in studio art and creative writing. He maintains a studio in downtown Kansas City and has exhibited in the metropolitan area. He also has been involved in a series of mural projects in Kansas, Missouri, and Mexico. He is a founding member of the Latino Writers Collective and editor of Kansas City Hispanic News. His writings have appeared in the anthologies Primera Página: Poetry from the Latino Heartland and Cuentos del Centro: Stories from the Latino Heartland, as well as in forthcoming issues of Dicho Magazine and Present Magazine. He is a board member of the Writers Place and Nuevo Eden and president of the Latino Writers Collective.

Sanda Moore Coleman received an MFA in creative writing from Wichita State University in 1990. Since then, she has been a feature writer and voice talent for Brite Voice Systems, an assistant editor for Image, a music reporter, copy writer, a teaching fellow at Harvard University, and the arts and community editor for The Martha's Vineyard Times. She is presently a freelance writer and editor in Wichita, where she lives with her husband, William Coleman, and their nine-year-old daughter, Madeleine.

Read excerpts of the winning manuscripts by Faus and Coleman at

Congrats again you two. You rocked it.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Monday, April 18, 2011

NOR Author Chat Tonight

. Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a reminder that NOR has an author chat tonight where you can win prizes!

Featured Group: Midnight Seductions Authors

Time: 8-9pm EST


One lucky chatter will leave with a hand full of awesome print books. Winner to be selected via our door prize system. USA Shipping Only. Winners outside the USA will get a GC. To be entered you need to attend the full chat.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Manic Monday Wait

Welcome to Manic Monday! Time for a little free association writing on the word "wait." Inspired? Post your free write in the comments.

She waits, a weight upon her shoulders, a holder of worry and anxiety. Crystal clear, is the future. Terrible and twisted. A fist full of fear. Nothing reasonable about tomorrow when unholy sorrow has been borrowed and braced on the back of the one who waits for agony or relief, who prays for belief, her hope handicapped by experience and an unsweetened dose of reality.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help The Relief Effort In Japan by reading!

. Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fountain of YouthAll proceeds from sales of Fountain Of Youth by Elizabeth Black to aid relief in Japan.

Using her passion to fund her desire to help, Black and her publisher Romance Divine, LLC collaborated are donating all sales of her short erotic story Fountain of Youth through June 15, 2011 to the Red Cross foundation to assist the Japanese in their recovery.

What better way for lovers of great stories to help out, too? Buy now for $2.99!

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sandalwood Tree

. Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sandalwood Tree: A Novel
Lucky me, I just finished reading The Sandalwood Tree (couldn't put it down), a love story that I absolutely loved.

To be precise, The Sandalwood Tree is two loves stories woven together masterfully by the mesmerizing author, Elle Newmark, who sets the novel in a vibrant, sensual India in 1947 where a woman discovers a romance that becomes her obsession (and my obsession as well) but when a disturbing secret is revealed, her own marriage is jeopardized.

Lucky you, I have a piece that Elle Newmark wrote for Meta Modo readers about her research travels for her novel:

Simla to Shimla
by Elle Newmark

While in Shimla, Queen of British Hill Stations, researching The Sandalwood Tree, we drove up and down roads that were brake-shrieking steep, only partially paved, and composed of hairpin corners that required three-point turns. I was thrown side to side and up and down as we zigzagged around other cars, monkeys, bicycles, dogs, cows and unconcerned pedestrians walking along the edge of a 5,000-foot drop.

Occasionally, we met a rusty tourist bus that required the skill of a brain surgeon to get past it. I looked down at pine forests, gracefully terraced hillsides, and hotels hanging precariously off the sides of mountains, wondering how the hell the British did it. How did they establish themselves these forbidding mountains in the 1800’s? Mules, I was later told. Mules hauled up everything needed to build Shimla.

Mules? A mule can carry what, a couple hundred pounds? The Viceregal Lodge in Shimla is as sprawling and impressive as the most palatial estate in England and it’s furnished with fine heavy furniture and valuable art. Christchurch boasts butter-colored spires and magnificent stained glass that would rival anything in Europe. The Gaiety Theater can seat hundreds and looks as though it was transplanted directly from 1900 London. The Willow Bakery and Pelitis Tea Shoppe stood ready to supply scones and cakes for any occasion. Clark’s Hotel is a big Tudor affair with all the amenities. The main street—the Mall—is lined with iron benches and pretty tubs of flowers and even has a bandstand. It was an entire Victorian village transplanted, brick-by-brick, custom-by-custom in the Himalayas. Mules? You really do have to hand it to them.

Today, of course, India is Indian and although the fine colonial buildings still stand, the Mall is a bazaar of open-sided stalls and crowds of people in a moving kaleidoscope of color. A stroll down the Mall will take you past The Timely Tailor Shop, Thakur General Store, The Silk Emporium, Sanjay’s Internet Café, The Pashmina Emporium, and Tension Free Parking. You will also see noodle shops, ice cream vendors, and snack stalls where the cook is hidden behind a mountain of golden pakoras and samosas. In chai stalls, you can watch a man pour water into a tin pot, then added a spoonful of something black, something white, something brown, a dash of spice and bring it all to a boil. The result will be masala chai, a fragrant, creamy tea, redolent of cardomom, served in a tiny china cup.

What you will not see is McDonald’s, because in India, a quarter pounder would be sacrilege. The cows, with their humped backs and beautiful eyes, are sacred. I saw a beleagured woman walking along a dusty road carrying about 50 pounds of firewood on her head. The cow that she had taken to graze while she gathered the wood walked ahead of her, unburdened, well-fed and wearing blue beads on its horns.

Simla was once a British enclave for privileged colonials to escape the hot, hot weather of the plains. It was a heroic attempt to recreate England in India and it almost succeeded. The colonials went so far as to forbid Indians to walk on the Mall or enter colonial buildings, but one needed servants and so it all got hopelessly muddled

Today, Shimla is a curious hybrid of faded British glory and changing Indian culture. Old Simla was an idyllic piece of England set against an astonishing Himalayan backdrop; new Shimla is a mélange of Indian bazaars, colonial architecture, and the congestion of 21’st century hotels and cars. These days, one has to travel out of Shimla to see the Himalayas. Pity.

Thanks so much Elle!
Love, light, and laughter,
Jocelyn Modo

Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday Time

. Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Manic Monday! Time for a little free association writing on the word "time." Inspired? Post your free write in the comments.

Time diamond. A wise man in a wizened coat. The boat of his existence carrying him over the river of decay. He has prayed every day of his life for a wife and mother, a lover, but what he has found are deep wishes, floating like dead fishes in the stream of his reality. The sea he sees does not love life. It is a hard knife in a liquid grave. And he staves off death only through the strokes of time.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jayne Ann Krentz Contest

. Friday, April 8, 2011

Fired Up: Book One in the Dreamlight TrilogyOne of my favorite authors, Jayne Ann Krentz / Jayne Castle, is having a contest for readers to win a CD audio edition of her new book Fired Up!

Woop! Woop!

I, of course, have already entered but wanted all my grrls to know about it, too. So head on over to Jayne's home and enter to win.

Do it.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Lover Out Today

. Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Lover by the fab Eliza Lloyd is out today! I can't wait to read it and neither should you.


Dorian Montgomery has one driving need, to be selected as the Westminster Whore’s final lover. The last two years, others have outbid him. This year he is determined to have her, and places the culmination of three years’ bids as his offer. Will it be enough to win her?
Isabelle St. Hillaire has fashioned her sexual legacy—one lover a year for thirty days only—on her unusual features and her uncanny ability to pleasure men in all the right ways. Her last client will be the masterful aficionado she has never had. A man with an astounding reputation as a lover and an equally magnificent body. She has only one rule. Don’t fall in love with her.

This year’s winner? Well, let’s just say he didn’t have the highest bid, but he had the most to offer.

Purchase Link

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Night Owl Reviews Author Chat

. Monday, April 4, 2011

Night Owl Reviews is having an awesome author chat this evening with PRIZES! Hooray!

Featured Authors:
Evie Balos
Nina Pierce
Julia Rachel Barrett

Start Time by Time Zone: 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST / ...Next Day 1am GMT

Duration: Chats usually last about an hour

Date: 04/04/2011 in the USA


NOR Contest: One lucky chatter will leave with a hand full of awesome print books. Winner will be selected by our door prize system. To be shipped to the winner. USA Shipping Only. To be entered you need to attend the full chat.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Manic Monday Fool

Welcome to Manic Monday! Time for a little free association writing on the word "fool" in honor of April Fool's Day. Inspired? Post your free write in the comments.

Foolish me. I am looking for the count. One. Two. Three. And there's Four over in the corner, looking out of space glazed eyes, clenching up her lace encased thighs. A wall flower. With all the power of the sun absorbing in through her chloroplast eyes. Photosensitive photosynthesis for the fool with the petal soft skin who will never win more than her fearful heart allows. Life plows her under. She is a seed set down, plowed under, ready to be plundered by the darkness rising up to poison her roots.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools for the Procrastinators

. Friday, April 1, 2011

Unprepared for April Fools? You still have time to play some pranks!

Here's a few of my favorites:

A classic: All you need is a piece of tape that matches your sink sprayer or is clear. With the water turned off, tape the hand-held sprayer trigger down, aim it so water will most likely hit whoever you're aiming at and wait to laugh your ass off when your victim turns on the water and gets sprayed. Simple. Clean. And seriously funny.

Tech Prank:, a website with safe and free screensavers, has holiday screensavers including April Fool's Day. All you have to do is download and install your fave on a friend's or co-worker's computer and wait for the magic to happen. Some are just funny or silly, while others will give warnings, making them believe there's a problem with their computer, some make them think their hard drive has been hacked and is being reformatted, while another even makes it look like their computer is being destroyed. Let the fun begin.

What did I do? Waited until everyone was asleep and went room to room in the house with a roll of tape, laying a sticky, spider web trap in each bedroom doorway. If the kiddies got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, I got them for sure. If they exited their room in the morning light, there still was a good chance of pranking them because kids rarely look before they go, especially in their own home.

Happy April Fool's Day Everyone! Hope you have fun!

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

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