Wednesday, December 14, 2011

. Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hippie Chicks blog is having a Holly Jolly Christmas Give-Away including a free Kindle as the grand prize, and my x-mas shifter lion erotic romance On Vixen is part of the loot!

To enter send an email to hippiechicks68 @ with "Holly Jolly" in the subject line. You will be entered upon receipt of the email.

Books that are part of the loot:

Jewel Adams
Winner's Choice of 3 ebooks from my releases

Chloe Reeder
Winner's Choice of 1 ebook from my releases

J​ulie Lynn Hayes
My Fair Vampire - ebook

Liz Crowe
The Tap Room - ebook

Kacey Hammell
Sinful - ebook

R. Ann Siracusa
​​All For a Dead Man's Leg - ebook
​​​All For Spilled Blood - ebook

Tara Fox Hall
Return To Me - ebook
Surrender To Me - ebook
Wicked Christmas Wishes - ebook

​​Penny Estelle
​​Hike Up Devil's Mountain - ebook

Clare Dargin
​​​​Fugue - ebook

​​Beth Trissel
​​Somewhere The Bells Ring - ebook

Aithne Jarretta
​​​Kissing Santa - ebook

Kat Jones
Her Only Hope - ebook​​​​​

Margay Leah Justice
​​​Sloane Wolf - ebook

Jocelyn Modo  *Look, Ma, I'm famous!* ;)
On Vixen - ebook​​​​​​


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