Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Ice Bridge by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

. Sunday, November 6, 2011

A wonderful story full of suspense, the paranormal, and even a little romance. The Ice Bridge kept me engaged all the way through to the last word. Charlotte, the heroine, is likable and interesting, and the setting, Mackinac Island, is such a strong force in the story that it feels like a dark, eerie character, who pulls the reader in, making you feel like you’re really there as a quiet character in attendance to observe.

Charlotte Graham returns to the island to write about ghosts while her heart heals after a broken engagement. What she finds at first is a warm, supportive friendship with her Aunt Bess and Hannah as well as an unexpected attraction to Lieutenant "Mac" Berman, but things quickly change and grow dark.

Griffith does an incredible job creating a dark, ghostly mood, which sets-off her warm, endearing characters perfectly. The contrast makes for a suspenseful read. I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense, a good ghost story, and the sweet lull of a potential romance between two characters you will cheer for. The Ice Bridge has chills and thrills but warms the heart as well.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


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