Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eve McFadden Interview

. Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alright grrrls, I have a treat for you today! Please welcome the super sexy Eve McFaddento Meta Modo for a fun and friendly interview!

Jocelyn: Hi Eve, I'm not big on formalities so let’s get the basics out of the way. What’s your sign?

Eve: Aquarius. Which probably explains the frequent bathroom breaks.

Jocelyn: Aquarius is a fabulous sign! I’m a leo (hence my obsession with cats). Even though I’m fire and you’re water, Leos and Aquarius can get along famously. Have any of your characters every used cheesy pick-up lines like, ‘What’s your sign’?

Eve: You know, I don't think they have. That may be in large part because no one ever used one on me, so I don't think of it. In a story I'm working on, involving a hockey player and a musician, hockey player tries a few lines in a joking way, but none are quite that cheesy. Then again, few are.

Jocelyn: Any scary/crazy/strange writing rituals? Inability to write without…?

Eve: I don’t think I've been at this long enough to develop any rituals. It'd be fun to have some, like I could only do it if I was wearing big fuzzy slippers or a foil hat or something like that. Or small fuzzy slippers, just to be different.

Jocelyn: *Staged Whisper* I won’t tell your characters your answer to this next one: Who’s been your favorite character to write?

Eve: Oh, they're all my fav… oh, scratch that. I think my favorite was Jura Griet from Young Blood. She's the type who tends to act first, then think, which has its drawbacks, but she's not going to back down from anything. I also enjoyed Quentin in Numbers Game. He was gay and modeled after some guys I knew; not flaming, exactly, although he could if he wanted to. I like to write characters with a sense of humor, even the bad guys.

Jocelyn: Is writing romance a deep dark secret or do all your family and friends know, read, love your stories?

Eve: I'm supposed to tell people about this? Oh, well. Ahem. Some friends and some family know, and it's a case-by-case basis. Like my Grandmother, does she need or want to know this? Probably not. So that's fine. Mom found out by accident; she's a little iffy on the sex, but she thinks it's cool that I'm e-published. I told my husband, and he's very cool -- a beta reader, editor, supporter, and I suppose he'd even test out a few things if I asked.

Jocelyn: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever written (published or unpublished)?

Eve: I got a C on an English paper in high school when I said The Talisman by King and Straub was boring. Does that count? In all fairness, she was right. We were asked to write about themes, not critique it, even if the thing was pretty damn boring.

Ah, you probably meant my stories. That's a tough one, because every time I read over an old story I find stuff wrong with it. If I had to pick, I'd go with Cost of Loyalty, which is up on free sites and that I wrote like fifteen years ago. That was an age when I could do things with angels and devils and purgatory and not feel like a dope.

Jocelyn: If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

Light and the Darkness (Yellow Silk Dreams)Eve: Now, see, this is tough on two fronts. First, I'm married, and my husband is kind of traditional in the "not dating anyone now that we're married" sense. Who knew? Second, all of my characters get paired off -- or occasionally killed off -- so I wouldn't want anyone to think I was into wrecking relationships. Or threesomes. Or even fictional necrophilia.

However, if I was single, and he was single, I wouldn't mind a night out with Ian from Ghosts of the Forum (in Melting the Ice). He was such a sweetie.

Jocelyn: What real life inspiration do you use in your stories?

Eve: You can do that? Whoa.
I have found that I insert little things. In Numbers Game, which is set in Washington, DC, the female lead, Sara, works at the National Archives. I worked there for a couple of years myself and thought it was fun to put that in. Not that she goes looking for treasures like Nicolas Cage or anything.

In Nothing Gets Through, a short story (which I hope to expand sometime), the couple meets in a Starbucks-type place after witnessing a big fight between two people. That fight is based on one I personally witnessed in a Burger King in The Hague, The Netherlands. Yes, they have BKs there, and everyone speaks English.

Many ideas come from songs, and others from reading and thinking, "Hey, what if he/she did this instead?"

Jocelyn: What stories are rolling around in your brain right now?

Eve: The rolling around got really old, so I have them on computer now. Even backed up. There's quite a range. First up is another hockey romance, which has proved a surprisingly popular little niche. Then I'm working on a little light fantasy involving a character from my first Christmas story, Unexpected Gifts. But I have a slew of stuff on the computer in some stage of progress: a sequel to The Hunted Key, possibly another in the Exiled series, a sf/fantasy on a planet of islands, and more.

Jocelyn: Thanks for the interview, Eve! Love getting to know you!

About Eve:
Eve McFadden was born and raised in southern New Jersey. She attended college at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, receiving a BA in Russian Studies and International Relations. This led her to graduate school at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where she received an MA in Russian Area Studies in 1994. She remained in the Washington area until 2007, when she and her family moved to Pennsylvania. It was here that she found some sites with free online reading material, which led to her to try her luck at writing herself.

Her first effort, “Make a Wish,” was posted on and received many positive reviews, and so she continued writing. After the positive reception for her first novel, “Exiled,” she was approached by Republica Press in 2009 about publishing a sequel. Since then, she has published four e-books with Republica Press.

Exiled, Republica Press
Young Blood, Republica Press
All Too Human, Republica Press
The Hunted Key, Republica Press
Light and the Darkness, Yellow Silk Dreams

Coming soon:
Numbers Game, Republica Press

Find Eve Here:

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


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