Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dee Brice Needs Your Help!

. Thursday, July 14, 2011

Courting Kel: Ellora's Cave
Dee Brice needs your help in naming the next title in her Virtual Seduction series.
The contest dates are July 1-July 31, 2011
The title may be either Her or His Virtual ???
The third word must begin with an E (Her/His Virtual Evenness for example)
Submissions must be emailed to and received not later than midnight (PDT) July 31, 2011. Please put Dee's Contest on the subject line.
The eXtasy publisher and editor-in-chief will select the winning title.
If there are duplicate submissions of the same title, each winner will receive one (1) PDF download of any eXtasy Books Dee Brice title and one (1) copy of the winning book.
Dee will dedicate the book to the winner(s).
Good Luck!!
The Virtual Seduction Series is....


Book 1: His Virtual Virgin
Book 2: His Virtual Assassin
Book 3: His Virtual Bride
Book 4: Her Virtual Consort
Book 5: His Virtual Diva (Coming August 1st)
and coming soon......
Book 6: Her Virtual ???
Check out other Dee Brice books at the following places....
eXtasy Author Page
Ellora's Cave Author Page

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


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