Thursday, June 23, 2011

Science Fiction Romance: Revolution Lovers

. Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new science fiction romance (sci-fi romance novel) release, Revolution Lovers, is due to drop this summer from the Ellora's Cave new Romance Line, Blush. Revolution Lovers is a full length sci-fi romance / speculative fiction book with fairytale elements where the hero and heroine are set in a futuristic bodice ripper story but have a hard core guts n' glory plot.

I did a little flip-flop from the usual romantic character types, you know, those kick ass bodice rippers from amber quill press, making my heroine a battle-scarred, war vet with trust issues and my hero a rebel prince who would do anything to heal the woman he is rapidly falling in love with, even while knowing that if she ever found out the truth about him, she would probably kill him. The heroine, Soldier Adie, is my all-time favorite romantic fiction character because she has such a dark past, is in so much physical and mental pain, and yet still stays true to her ethics. She loves her planet, is completely loyal, and wishes to honor her soldier brother and sisters who died in the war.    

The hero, Prince Zin lorden Kinear, is her perfect paranormal romance match. Raised to be diplomatic, having years of experience dealing with difficult people, Adie's mood swings and bursts of anger don't even faze him. Yet, he needs her, if no other reason than to bring him down a peg or two. After all, royalty and arrogance attract. With their planet occupied by their enemy and an underground rebellion ramping up to regain control of the government, Zin has a lot on his hands in this sci-fi.

With her body rapidly failing, an assassin after her new royal family, and an old enemy looking at her like he'd love to peel skin off her bones to add to his dinner plate, Adie never thought marriage would be this hard.

As a fan of science fiction (sci fi) authors Christina Dodd and Linnea Sicnlair, I took note of their love for speculative fiction romance novels instead of trying to copy their writing, I copied their enthusiasm. Romance books are as varied as the characters that pop out of the heads of the romance writers, and I'm hoping you'll love Adie and Zin as much as I do.


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