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Romance Exerpts -

. Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means it's romance excerpts day. Today's excerpts come from the gifted grrrls, Diana Castilleja and Sandra Sookoo.

Resurrection (Wolf Brother's Legacy)Resurrection (Wolf Brother's Legacy) by Diana Castilleja romance excerpt:
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With all the scattered research pages in their respective files in the vault, she sighed in weary relief. How long had it been since she'd left this early, anyway? Her gaze swept toward the basement doors and she thought of Mark, her co-worker and assistant, and a renowned etymologist in his own right. He'd caught her one time too many working late into the night and had berated her for not taking better care of herself. Pursing her lips, she heard his admonishing voice between her ears, telling her to get a move on and get out. Friends like him were too hard to find to shoot out of frustration. She refused to tell him to his face he was right. No man's ego needed that much stroking.
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A rare, uninhibited laugh bubbled up, but her musing was cut short. The abruptness was as frightening as it was painful. Her eyes widened as the familiar sensations bombarded her, threatening to split her down the middle.

There was no known reprieve from the coming moments, and she had no idea how to avoid the blistering pain. She lifted the weight of her hair from her neck, though experience had taught her it was an exercise in futility. She searched her surroundings frantically, grateful if for nothing else to find herself alone as pain soared. Towering racks and shelves warped in her vision as she propelled herself past them. The surge roared through her. A hand slapped cold chrome the instant heat exploded upward and outward from her spine.
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Sound disappeared, eclipsed by the ragged rush of her heartbeat against her ears. The only sound was her own desperate breathing rasping through tortured lungs. Pain-filled screams burst upward as if a dam had burst, flooding her throat. She ground her jaw tight to keep them jailed behind her lips. Tears forced their way from behind clamped eyelids. She tipped her head back, fighting the tears and pain. 
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It didn't help and it didn't stop it from growing worse.

A fireball rocketed down her spine mere seconds later, a red-hot rod of flame that slipped under skin and between aching bones. It was anguish from her hair to her nails. The intense agony of twisting muscles was the worst she had experienced yet. Sensations of ripping and tearing barraged her body as the spasm overtook her completely. There was no sense of time as the contortion rolled over her, only the never-ending deluge of torture.
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Unable to stay standing against the pounding waves of heat and pain, she lost her balance. With a guttural whimper, her legs vanished from beneath her, throwing her into her chair by sheer luck. Her entire body clamored to fall apart at the seams. Racking twists and jabs swelled and collided across her frame. She sprawled forward, the intensity of the spasm making her gag and wheeze, gulping air to breathe as her throat constricted. The coldness of the metal research table shocked overheated skin as if she were being crushed under an ice block. It was impossible to blink. She knew moving wasn't even an option.


Damaged CargoDamaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo romance excerpt:

Tarik couldn’t forget the raw emotion that blazed in the green depths of her eyes: anger, hatred and stark, consuming need. Whatever drove the woman came crashing to a head in that one act, undoubtedly designed to catch him off guard.

It would have worked except for the shudder he felt shake her frame. He’d bet she managed to surprise herself. He refused to think about it further. It was one moment, nothing more.

Instead, he laced his fingers with hers, brought her hands slowly down, and held them behind her back while he plundered her mouth. Velvet lips gave way under the strength of his mouth. He thrust his tongue inside, demanding entrance, accepting her surrender, and seeking solace. He released her hands in order to capture her face between his palms and fit his mouth more comfortably over hers. When that wasn’t close enough, he pressed her body fully against the freight container, molding his lean length into her soft curves as if they’d become one entity. His erection strained against his pants and, for the first time, he was glad for the extra room the loose-fitting Nazulara trousers afforded.

And still, he kissed her.
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He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and the lushness of it spurred him onward. Tarik felt her hands at his chest, sweeping along his torso before she buried her fingers in his hair at the base of his skull. He bit down gently on her lip, heard her whimper of acceptance, and once more, searched out her tongue.

Finally, he wrenched away for the mere reason that he needed to breathe. The whole episode didn’t last more than a minute—two at the most, but he felt as if he’d entered a new dimension, one so foreign he had no idea how to act or what to do.
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That decision was taken from him when Emma slapped his cheek so hard he was sure he’d feel it two weeks from now.



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