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Interview with the exciting new author Craig Taylor

. Monday, June 6, 2011

The Day of Legion Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author Craig Taylor to Meta Modo. His latest novel, The Day of Legion, was released by Damnation Books on June 1, 2011.

Welcome, Craig!

Please tell us the premise of your new book and how you came up with the idea for the story.
Hello and thank you! The Day of Legion was inspired by a phrase in the bible I read when I was very young and it has stuck in my mind all of my life. 'And he asked him, what is thy name? And he answered saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.' Mark 5:9. The Day Of Legion is a story of Dark versus Light and how nothing is as it seems when battling evil.

Can you share what the book is about?
The Darkness will do anything to slay all those who stand in their way of corrupting mankind. Light bearers, those born to protect mankind, must face an immortal seductress as she attempts to bring forth the Legion of Demons.

Thrust into the battle between light and dark, Doctor Patricia Leland and Light-bearer David Ravenbrook must do all they can to protect five year old Jason Hansen from evil, but at the same time, figure out the plans of the darkness before mankind is lost forever.

Who is your favorite character in The Day of Legion, other than your hero/heroine, and why?
My favourite character is the immortal seductress who brings forth the legion of demons in order to corrupt mankind. She is extremely beautiful physically and uses her beauty to her own advantage. She has infected mankind for hundreds of years and to sustain that level of hate for generations shows a depth of character I find intriguing. Although she is totally evil, there are times when she shows a softer, more vulnerable side and I think some readers may feel sorry for her at certain points in the story. I haven't used her name because she goes by a few and I don't want to spoil it.

Tells us more about your characters, Doctor Patricia Leland and Light-bearer David Ravenbrook:
Doctor Patricia Leland  works in a local hospital and finds herself thrust into the battle when she is appointed to a young patient who is being hunted by Darkness. She has no idea why she becomes involved and has very little recollection of her childhood. Her life is thrown into turmoil, but as she goes through her experiences, she gradually sees that everything in her life has happened for a reason, including losing her parents at a young age, breaking up with her fiance and working in the hospital where she does. She also discovers a strength from within she never knew she had.

David Ravenbrook comes from a family with a long line of Light-bearers, being able to trace his family history to 15th century Europe. He has dedicated his life to preventing Darkness from gaining too much ground and is willing to risk it all for victory because he knows there is far more to life than meets the eye. He is passionate and strong with a determination to be honourable.  

How do you soothe your muse? Do you have any rituals that help you write?
I soothe my muse by bowing down to it. By that I mean, I write often and play guitar often. I have a day job and that takes so much time and energy, but the whole time in the back of my mind, are ideas for another novel. The only ritual I have is reading what I wrote the day before so that I avoid a disjointed storyline. I do listen to music during my daily commute to and from work. I listed to musicians who inspire me and get my creative juices flowing. At the moment I am listening to Carlos Santana.

What are three pieces of writing advice you've found valuable on your journey to publication? 
1. Write everyday if you can. If you leave it too long between sessions you can lose that creative flow that makes stories exciting.
2. Don't listen to those who feel the need to give 'advice' and comment on your novel, when they have never even written a short story.
3. If a publisher rejects your work, keep sending it out because someone will share your enthusiasm.

What are you writing now? Do you have any other books due to come out soon?
I have always wanted to write a zombie/end of the world novel, so that is what I'm doing now. I like to surprise by telling the story from an angle never considered before. I am intrigued by end of the world, virus, zombie stories.

Okay, enough of the fluff. Let’s get down to the serious stuff…If you were a rapper, what would your rap name be?
Rap Master C Dog. (My rapping would be as bad as my name)

What is your most embarrassing moment?
When I was presented a certificate at College, there were a group of us waiting for our names to be called. The teacher said 'ladies first.' I didn't hear and walked on to the stage in front of the entire college.

If you had to get a piercing, where would you get it and why?
I would get it in Las Vegas….sorry, bad joke I know. I would probably pierce my nose. It appeals to my suppressed rogue nature.

Favorite comfort food?
Chocolate, chocolate and a bit more chocolate, with a little piece of chocolate and some chocolate!!!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve every done?
I have skydived, scuba dived, bungee jumped, black water rafted, white water rafted and sung on stage.

Your favorite word and why?
Lugubrious. It's easy to remember and makes me sound intelligent.

What is your strangest habit?
Having to check the front door is locked multiple times when I leave the house. Actually, that's probably an undiagnosed condition, but it's my strangest habit….honest!

What was the last movie you saw at the theater?
Resident Evil 4. (The best one yet) I didn't get to see the 3D version though. My wife and I were in a small town and were bored so went to the movies. There was only two other people in the theatre with us.

Thank again for the interview, Craig.



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