Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad-ass Bras That Fit

. Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect BraIf your boobies ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

We're all looking for bras that fit, and the battle I had with my bra yesteraday made me think of The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra. Remembering that The Bra Book says nearly 85% of women wear the wrong size bra, I went to Cacique and asked to be measured. Sure enough my cup size was wrong; I was wearing a D instead of the needed DD. No wonder my boobs were spilling over and my bras weren't fitting right!

Thank you, The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra for the reminder. There is nothing like a great bra, nothing. I now have four new bras (they were having a buy two, get two free sale) that keep my boobies happy...and there was NO way I could leave with a few new pairs of panties to match! ;)

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shelton in Love

. Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Check out m/m author Dianne Hartsock. Me likie...a lot! ;)

Shelton in Love May 13, 2011 from Breathless Press by Dianne Hartsock is a M/M Romance that reminds me of the feeling when I eat the best chocolate in the world!
Shelton in Love
Shelton is falling hard for his best friend and roommate, finding Nevil’s dark good looks and moments of gentleness almost impossible to resist. But Nevil is more interested in affairs of the body than the heart. As Shelton’s desire for the man grows, he wonders if he can change Nevil’s mind. But does he even want to? Nevil might not stay, once he learns Shelton’s secret, and then his loneliness would be complete.

Shelton's Promise will be out on July 8,2011 from Breathless Press

Shelton has a gift he’s eager to give to Nevil. At a party, Nevil flirts with one man after another, keeping Shelton on his toes. Then Percy, an ex, shows up to complicate things. Despite his best efforts, Shelton can’t find the right moment to give Nevil his gift. Will Nevil ever let Shelton get close to him, or will Shelton have to keep the gift in his pocket all evening?

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Love, light, and laughter!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Manic Monday Mirror

. Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes! It's Manic Monday again and if you're not going to join in, than I'll just have to have fun for all of us:

I'm not her: the girl in the mirror with the fear in her eyes. I'm the other grrl: the funny one, devilish and daring. Not doomed. In a room full of people, I circulate like alcohol in the bloodstream, dulling the mean, making all things happy or sad, sane or mad, but never, ever in-between. You lean on the bar, my car keys are yours tonight, no fight in you, just acceptance that your grrl is back, the one who's fun and free, but damned if she doesn't have to pee every half an hour.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Science Fiction Romance: Revolution Lovers

. Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new science fiction romance (sci-fi romance novel) release, Revolution Lovers, is due to drop this summer from the Ellora's Cave new Romance Line, Blush. Revolution Lovers is a full length sci-fi romance / speculative fiction book with fairytale elements where the hero and heroine are set in a futuristic bodice ripper story but have a hard core guts n' glory plot.

I did a little flip-flop from the usual romantic character types, you know, those kick ass bodice rippers from amber quill press, making my heroine a battle-scarred, war vet with trust issues and my hero a rebel prince who would do anything to heal the woman he is rapidly falling in love with, even while knowing that if she ever found out the truth about him, she would probably kill him. The heroine, Soldier Adie, is my all-time favorite romantic fiction character because she has such a dark past, is in so much physical and mental pain, and yet still stays true to her ethics. She loves her planet, is completely loyal, and wishes to honor her soldier brother and sisters who died in the war.    

The hero, Prince Zin lorden Kinear, is her perfect paranormal romance match. Raised to be diplomatic, having years of experience dealing with difficult people, Adie's mood swings and bursts of anger don't even faze him. Yet, he needs her, if no other reason than to bring him down a peg or two. After all, royalty and arrogance attract. With their planet occupied by their enemy and an underground rebellion ramping up to regain control of the government, Zin has a lot on his hands in this sci-fi.

With her body rapidly failing, an assassin after her new royal family, and an old enemy looking at her like he'd love to peel skin off her bones to add to his dinner plate, Adie never thought marriage would be this hard.

As a fan of science fiction (sci fi) authors Christina Dodd and Linnea Sicnlair, I took note of their love for speculative fiction romance novels instead of trying to copy their writing, I copied their enthusiasm. Romance books are as varied as the characters that pop out of the heads of the romance writers, and I'm hoping you'll love Adie and Zin as much as I do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Romance Excerpts: Time Rip and Sherwood Charade

. Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means it's romance excerpts day. Both of today's excerpts come from Mimi Riser.

PG-excerpt: Time Rip Time Rip
Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Time Travel / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Mystery / Detective / Action / Adventure / Romantic Comedy / Voyeurism / Series
Never piss off a pixie. They have vicious tempers and an arsenal of spells at the tips of their tiny fingers. Like the diabolical Cat-In-The-Hat spell, which turns its victim into a character from Dr. Seuss - shudder - unless the victim already happens to be of the feline persuasion. In which case, the pixified person will morph into another character. Any character from stage, screen, or literature, and there's no way of predicting what fictional persona might emerge. It's a real wild card, that spell.

Speaking of which - cards, I mean - that's how this mess started. My mate Hunter and I were playing stud poker with Toby Buttercup, the pixie in question, and Hunter decided Toby was cheating. Well, Toby was cheating - pixies often do - but only an idiot or someone with balls the size of Hunter's would dare accuse them of it.

I did warn him.

::Let the wookie win,:: I told Hunter telepathically. Star Wars code for "You're treading on thin ice, lover." Or Starr Wars? That's my surname - Starr - and dealing with Hunter is always a war. My first name is Sylver, but never mind that now.

Did he listen?

Does he ever?

Hell, Hunter's a cat-shifter, and like all members of his breed, suffers from an inflated ego and the feeling of invincibility that comes with such a malady. Though "suffer" is the wrong word, I suppose. He enjoys every minute of it. All cats do. No wonder they have nine lives. They need them.

In Hunter's case, however, he carries the concept of Superiority Complex to brash new extremes. Not without reason, unfortunately. And not without encouragement from a multitude of fans - very few of whom know the real Hunter Steele. Very few people, period, know there's a secret subculture of magical creatures who live hidden in their midst. And the magical creatures want to keep it that way.
Thus, those of us who can pass for normal humans, do so - depending on your definition of normal. Mine is quite broad and utterly unrepentant. For instance, tonight I'm clad as Lillie Langtry. Why? Because my Cleopatra costume is at the cleaners. The point being, I'm a silver-blond, devilish cute drag queen, and proud to flaunt it, but I draw the line at proclaiming I'm a werewolf, too.

Likewise, in public, Hunter plays the business tycoon, adored by the masses for his looks and largesse - a dark haired Adonis who funds charities the world over. "The Billionaire with a Heart," the media calls him.

If they only knew.

In private, the corporate king is Catman, the bad-ass founder and chief of Earth Guardians, Inc., a clandestine task force sworn to protect our planet by fair means or foul. Picture the illicit love-child of James Bond and Attila the Hun, and that's Hunter for you. His heart may be big, but so is his head. When he yells "Jump," you're supposed to answer "How high?" Me, I'm more inclined to say, "You want fries with that order, pussycat?" God knows someone's gotta try to keep him humble.

Although right now I'm just trying to keep him out of the line of fairy fire.

"Duck!" I shove him sideways out of his chair as Toby Buttercup hurls a glowing hex-ball across the card table.

"Hold still, blast ye!" Toby squeaks, and takes to the air on yellow moth wings.

I whip out the fly swatter I hid under my Victorian style skirts before the poker game began. When playing with feys, be prepared for anything, is my motto. The only way to pacify an irate pixie is to stun him, then cork him in a bottle until he cools off.


Damn, I missed him.

And he's winding up for another pitch.

"You're a big help," Hunter bitches, and springs to his feet. "Give me that!" He grabs for the fly swatter.

I grab for him.


The second hex-ball hits him square in the forehead.

"Bullseye! 'Tis a pity I'll not be around to see what ye turn into," Toby chortles, and disappears.
Or, rather, we do - poof - a split second of blind nothing, then the world reforms...


Sherwood CharadeSherwood Charade (time-travel) by Mimi Riser
Robin Hood time-travel romance
EPPIE Finalist
PNR Reviewers Top Pick

"Bloody hell--" Robin grabbed for the reins as the mare reared high. Too late. He toppled backward and landed with a grunt on the ground. "Oof."

"Oh!" Maid Marian landed face-first flat on top of him.

Both lay panting as their transport disappeared down the path.

"Thank you," Marian called after her.

"Wench." Robin rolled them over, pinning her beneath him. "Are you happy now?" His whisper reverberated in the darkness.

Marian peered into the shadows of his hood, trying to guess where his mouth was. "I'll be happier when you kiss me. How about it?"

He made a noise between a groan and a growl.

Was that a yes or a no?

She felt his breath on her face. So close... Her arms snaked around his neck and pulled him closer.
"Never mind, I'll kiss you instead," she said, and joined him in his hood. Her mouth found his on the first try.

He tensed, jerked back--then caved in completely, pressed her hard into the ground.

Lips parted. Limbs tangled. Time stopped.

_Electric._ The kiss struck her like lightning, burned clear through to her core, sliced her open and left her quivering, bleeding, dying for more. Hot need pulsed deep inside, a hungry ache between her thighs--

"Lady...please..." Robin pulled back, panting.

_No, no, no--don't stop!_ She grabbed his hood with both hands, yanked him down, and dove straight back in. Her mouth plundered his, licking, nipping, sucking...

A crazy woman. Crazy for Robin. Mmmm... She wanted to eat him alive.

He stiffened against her, his whole body rigid--one part of him especially. A steel rod dug into her abdomen.

Robin groaned, dragged his lips away from her. "Marian..." His breath came ragged. "We have to stop this... Now... There's something I have to tell you--"

"Later. I'm busy now." She locked her legs behind his knees when he tried to push away. One hand pulled him back by his hood, the other raked down his back...made a marvelous discovery.

"You're not wearing anything under your tunic," she murmured against his mouth.

A shudder racked through him as her hand touched his buttocks. "My ap-pologies," he choked out. "I time for the niceties of braes or hose today."

"I'm not complaining. I don't seem to be wearing any panties, either." She'd just noticed that, in fact. How historically accurate. And how convenient. "Want to see?"


_Too bad._

She stroked his bare flesh. Smooth, warm, firm... Goodness, he had a great ass. She dug in her fingers
and squeezed--then gasped as he bucked free from her legs and heaved back. Clinging to his hood, she went with him. He landed on his great ass. She landed on her stomach with her face in his lap.

_Oh my._ He had a great erection, too.

Marian let go of one head to examine another. She lifted his tunic and stared at the shadowy monster hiding beneath. Her eyes went wide in the darkness. Good God, he was huge. Had he ever been this big before? Her breath hitched. How had she fit him inside? She had a flicker of panic wondering if he'd fit now.

Oy... Only one way to find out. Trembling but determined, she rose to her knees and hoisted her gown.

"W-wait!" Robin's voice cracked. "What are you doing?"

Stupid question.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Wriggling forward, she advanced on him.

"Oh no--" There was a frantic crunching of twigs as he scrambled to his feet.

Marian's hand shot out and closed around his shaft. "Oh yes."


Why did he sound like he was strangling? She wasn't tugging that hard. "This is my dream, and if I say we make love, we make love, damn it. Use it or lose it, big boy."

"Will you please listen to me-- Uhhh." His rump reconnected with earth as he lost the tug-of-war.

"This is no dream," he finished weakly.

"How the heck would you know? You're part of it. Now shut up and sit still. I don't know what you're so worried about. You've got the easy part." Without loosening her hold on his erection, she braced her free hand on his shoulder and climbed aboard his lap, straddling him. His breath rasped out as she positioned him at her opening and locked her legs around his waist.

"Easy?" He grabbed onto her hips.

Marian couldn't tell if he was trying to push her away or pull her closer. Perhaps he couldn't decide, either.

"Lady, you are making this most hard for me."

"Good. It's supposed to be hard. There's not much we can do with it otherwise"


Interview with the Lovely Lorelei Confer

Deadly Deception (Siren Publishing Classic)JM: Hi Lorelei Confer! Welcome to Meta Modo. Let's jump right into the interview.
LC: Thank you for having me!

JM: How long have you been writing romance and what got you started?

LC: I’ve been writing since the fourth grade when we had an assignment to write a play. My teacher chose mine to produce for students and parents alike. It was a lot of fun. I’ve been writing since then in composition books or journals and have tons of ideas I would like to write about.

JM: I hear you have two books out. Can you tell my grrls what they're about?

LC: Deadly Deception and Deadly Revenge are the 1st and 2nd books in a series of romantic suspense about human trafficking. I’m currently writing the 3rd in the series.
      I became interested in human trafficking when I read an article in the local newspaper explaining that the local task force (didn’t know we had one) had performed a successful sting operation. It was happening in my town or my own back yard so to speak and I never knew. It hit really close to home.
      Since then I’ve become an advocate to stop human trafficking so all the books in this series carries a message. There is also lots of sexual tension between the hero and heroine and real sex that keeps you turning the pages to the happy ever after ending.

JM: I can't tell you how great I think it is that you are using your writing to get the word out about this horrific crime. And your books sound fantastic! Def going on my "to read" list. What are you writing now?

LC: I’m currently working on the 3rd book of the series, Deadly Deliverance, and expect to finish it in the next few months and have a release date of early next year.

JM: Do you have any writing snacks to feed your muse?

LC: Who doesn’t have chocolate? I love the mini Milky Way bars.

JC: Mmmm! Milky Way! My muse loves Reeses Pieces. (: Let's talk fans; have you received wacky or creepy fan letters yet?

LC: No, but I’m still building my fan base and expect some letters soon.

JM: Any good boyfriend stories that inspire the heroes in your stories?

LC: Yes, my husband of more years than I want to admit to would send love messages through a sales rep from his work to mine. Most of them were simply that he loved me, others were that he would pick me up at 7 or 8 o’clock that night to go do something.

JM: Any bad boyfriends that inspire the villains in your stories?

LC: Yes, I had my heart broken when I was 15 years old by a boyfriend and I’ve always wanted revenge. I’ve wanted to show him how I turned out, sort of like Toby Keith’s country song, "Look at me Now”.

JM: Your new boy toy wants to make out but you need a breath refresher. What do you choose, mint, gum, or spray?

LC: Gum so we can share EVERYTHING.


LC: My first date with my husband when I wrecked his car. I was going to take my driver’s test the following morning and asked him to drive his car on the back roads of Pennsylvania one last time. I went around a turn too fast and sideswiped an embankment on the passenger side. He later sold the car for a few hundred dollars but we were never able to get that door open.

JM: Wow! Now that's a bad date! Why don't we talk books? What's a good book you've recently read?

LC: Coming Home by Mariah Stewart, really puts me in the book, personally.
The Chesapeake Diaries: Coming Home

JM: Your favorite book of all time?

LC: Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I know it’s old but it is still the best. I’ve read it over and over again.

JM: I've had lots of fun getting to know you, Lorelei. Thanks so much for stopping by Meta Modo!

LC: Thank you so much for having me! I had a great time getting to know you and your followers as well.


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Manic Monday Fish

. Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Monday and my fishes all your wishes are about to come true. Follow my blog, shoot me an email me at jocelyn at jocelynmodo dot com with "Mishy Fishy" in the subject and you'll be entered to win 1 of 2 new books by Lisa Kleypas:

Tempt Me At Twilight
Tempt Me at Twilight (Hathaways, Book 3)


Married by Morning
Married By Morning

Be sure to include your mailing address (US only) so I can send them to you if you win as these are print books. After the contest is over, all mailing addresses will be trashed.

Winners will be announced July 13th.

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Queen of the Storm by Molly Diamond

. Saturday, June 18, 2011

Read an exceprt of Queen of the Storm on author Molly Diamond's website, answer the question and enter to win a gift certificate worth $10. Winner chooses the cert from either:,, or

Queen of the Storm is sensual sci-fi, interracial romance, and to celebrate its print release, Molly's having this contest. For more information, visit her Contest/Fun Page here.

Visit Molly's Website


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2011 Golden Roses Winners

. Friday, June 17, 2011


Since 2001 the Golden Roses have been one of the most coveted awards. We were among the first, if not the first contest looking for excellence in reading and writing. Over the past few years any number of contests have sprung up and after taking a look at many of the current offerings decided this year we did not want to run yet another popularity contest. While it is gratifying to see authors rally around others from their company, we've seen these contests move from excellence in writing to who can garner the most votes.

We had a panel of judges reading the submitted books in these five categories:

Paranormal (including sci fi) D. Renee Bagby for Eris
Historical Donna Hatch for The Guise of a Gentleman
Erotic LA Witt for The Best Man
Suspense Elaina Lee for Written in Blood
Contemporary Anel Viz for P'tit Cadeau


Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Contest from Kallysten

. Thursday, June 16, 2011

To celebrate the soon to come release of Ninth Vision of Destiny, Kallysten is running a contest.

Forever Starts Now (On The Edge)
10 lucky winners will win a free ebook! There are two ways to enter the contest, and if you choose to do both you'll double your chances!
Blurred Nights (Blurred Trilogy)

The contest is also part of a Blog Hop - follow the link at the bottom of the post to go to the next contest, and the one after that, and get more chances to win more books!

Moonlust: A Men in Space Story


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Romance Exerpts -

. Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means it's romance excerpts day. Today's excerpts come from the gifted grrrls, Diana Castilleja and Sandra Sookoo.

Resurrection (Wolf Brother's Legacy)Resurrection (Wolf Brother's Legacy) by Diana Castilleja romance excerpt:
web romance site
With all the scattered research pages in their respective files in the vault, she sighed in weary relief. How long had it been since she'd left this early, anyway? Her gaze swept toward the basement doors and she thought of Mark, her co-worker and assistant, and a renowned etymologist in his own right. He'd caught her one time too many working late into the night and had berated her for not taking better care of herself. Pursing her lips, she heard his admonishing voice between her ears, telling her to get a move on and get out. Friends like him were too hard to find to shoot out of frustration. She refused to tell him to his face he was right. No man's ego needed that much stroking.
web romance site
A rare, uninhibited laugh bubbled up, but her musing was cut short. The abruptness was as frightening as it was painful. Her eyes widened as the familiar sensations bombarded her, threatening to split her down the middle.

There was no known reprieve from the coming moments, and she had no idea how to avoid the blistering pain. She lifted the weight of her hair from her neck, though experience had taught her it was an exercise in futility. She searched her surroundings frantically, grateful if for nothing else to find herself alone as pain soared. Towering racks and shelves warped in her vision as she propelled herself past them. The surge roared through her. A hand slapped cold chrome the instant heat exploded upward and outward from her spine.
web romance site
Sound disappeared, eclipsed by the ragged rush of her heartbeat against her ears. The only sound was her own desperate breathing rasping through tortured lungs. Pain-filled screams burst upward as if a dam had burst, flooding her throat. She ground her jaw tight to keep them jailed behind her lips. Tears forced their way from behind clamped eyelids. She tipped her head back, fighting the tears and pain. 
web romance site
It didn't help and it didn't stop it from growing worse.

A fireball rocketed down her spine mere seconds later, a red-hot rod of flame that slipped under skin and between aching bones. It was anguish from her hair to her nails. The intense agony of twisting muscles was the worst she had experienced yet. Sensations of ripping and tearing barraged her body as the spasm overtook her completely. There was no sense of time as the contortion rolled over her, only the never-ending deluge of torture.
web romance site
Unable to stay standing against the pounding waves of heat and pain, she lost her balance. With a guttural whimper, her legs vanished from beneath her, throwing her into her chair by sheer luck. Her entire body clamored to fall apart at the seams. Racking twists and jabs swelled and collided across her frame. She sprawled forward, the intensity of the spasm making her gag and wheeze, gulping air to breathe as her throat constricted. The coldness of the metal research table shocked overheated skin as if she were being crushed under an ice block. It was impossible to blink. She knew moving wasn't even an option.


Damaged CargoDamaged Cargo by Sandra Sookoo romance excerpt:

Tarik couldn’t forget the raw emotion that blazed in the green depths of her eyes: anger, hatred and stark, consuming need. Whatever drove the woman came crashing to a head in that one act, undoubtedly designed to catch him off guard.

It would have worked except for the shudder he felt shake her frame. He’d bet she managed to surprise herself. He refused to think about it further. It was one moment, nothing more.

Instead, he laced his fingers with hers, brought her hands slowly down, and held them behind her back while he plundered her mouth. Velvet lips gave way under the strength of his mouth. He thrust his tongue inside, demanding entrance, accepting her surrender, and seeking solace. He released her hands in order to capture her face between his palms and fit his mouth more comfortably over hers. When that wasn’t close enough, he pressed her body fully against the freight container, molding his lean length into her soft curves as if they’d become one entity. His erection strained against his pants and, for the first time, he was glad for the extra room the loose-fitting Nazulara trousers afforded.

And still, he kissed her.
web romance site
He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and the lushness of it spurred him onward. Tarik felt her hands at his chest, sweeping along his torso before she buried her fingers in his hair at the base of his skull. He bit down gently on her lip, heard her whimper of acceptance, and once more, searched out her tongue.

Finally, he wrenched away for the mere reason that he needed to breathe. The whole episode didn’t last more than a minute—two at the most, but he felt as if he’d entered a new dimension, one so foreign he had no idea how to act or what to do.
web romance site
That decision was taken from him when Emma slapped his cheek so hard he was sure he’d feel it two weeks from now.


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NOR Author Chat Tonight

. Monday, June 13, 2011

Join NOR Tonight & Chat With Authors Online!

Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells  For Love of War  Wicked Good: A M/M Angels and Demons Anthology  Better Than Money
This is a GLBTQ Author Chat with Readers

Time: 8-9pm EST


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