Tuesday, May 10, 2011

YA What?

. Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Right, so I know the last thing you'd expect from Mimi Modo (the nieces call me Mimi) is a post about a couple of young adult (YA) books, but what you don't know is that I have 5 nieces who all love to read. So when I received a couple of YA's in the mail, I read them, surprisingly enjoyed them, and then passed them on to the 5 nieces who all devoured them in a matter of days.

FavoriteLife On HoldNow here I am telling all my romance/erotica reading grrls to check out author Karen McQuestion's Life On Hold and Favorite for any tweens/teens you have in your life.

KM writes engaging stories about teen grrrl issues without coming off as preachy or cheeseball. Her characters are relatable and her story lines mysterious and intriguing.



Karen McQuestion said...

Jocelyn, I'm so happy that you took the time to read my books and I'm thrilled that you liked them. Thanks so much for the nice commentary, and for passing the books on to your nieces. I appreciate it!

6goldfish© said...

Thank you for the opportunity to read/review them, Karen. Your books inspired 3 of my nieces to start their own book blog called 3 Book Bees ( where they will soon be posting their own reviews of Favorite and Life on Hold.

Karen McQuestion said...

I just checked out 3 Book Bees and am so impressed! Clearly the girls take after their aunt. :) I bookmarked the site so I can visit in the future.

BTW, I love their names and that they all start with an "E."

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