Thursday, May 26, 2011

S stands for...Sexy

. Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just learned of the mysterious and stone cold sexy "S" through a friend of a friend. Check his story out:
Hermes Online (Siren Publishing Classic)
Left bruised and brokenhearted after a cruel breakup, Vivienne Bennet finds herself mired in a world of self-doubt. To her surprise, she receives an email that challenges her to rediscover the sensual woman she once was. Together Vivienne and the enigmatic man known only as S embark upon the world of anonymous Internet communication where suggestive emails lead to erotic chat, where cybersex leads to Skype, and C2C sends both into the arms of a love they’d believed lost forever.

Grrrls, you all know what a sucker I am for a great love story, and S...well, let's just say I couldn't get him outta my mind. Luckily, this grrl had an in that landed me an interview with enigmatic S. Check it:

Welcome to Meta Modo. Uh…do you prefer S or…?
S: Yes, S is fine for now.

So S, tell me a little about yourself.
S: (chuckles) I’m rather dull actually.

Dull? That’s not what I’ve heard. Rumor has it you’re quite the sexy man.
S: Careful, you’ll make me blush. (He grins) Well, let me see. I live and work in Chicago. I’m an architect there. I have a dog named Roscoe...

Are you currently in a relationship?
S: I hope to be soon. I’ve met an amazing woman online. We’ve only spoken through email though I hope in time her comfort will grow enough to allow for chat. I sense she’s been hurt badly in the past and is most likely afraid of being hurt again because she tends to hold back… I’d love to talk with her in real time instead of waiting for emails to go back and forth.

Oh? What is it that makes her an amazing woman?
S: Her extremely intelligent mind. To me the most sensual attribute a woman has is her mind. V is different from just about anyone I’ve ever known. She’s lovely. No, more than that. She’s both artist and art. In those emails she chooses her palette of words carefully and paints her descriptions with such precision. Because of that detail, I see every inch of her in my mind’s eye, I see every action she describes. More than that, I see the wildly sensuous creature she is inside.

Care to expand that thought?
S: I’m a man as any other. (His green eyes sparkle) Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the physical gifts a woman cares to share as deeply as I enjoy returning the pleasure. Honestly Jocelyn, it’s a struggle to think of anything else some days! To me, a sensual woman’s detail-oriented mind is absolutely fascinating. It draws me in and ignites all else.

Along those lines, what ignites you?
S: (He laughs) I think you’ll get a blush out of me yet Jocelyn.

An example then – the perfect tinder to ignite the fire.
S: It would have to be kissing to begin. The kisses themselves are the smallest bits of tinder – warm sweet lips that deepen and encourage mindless abandon to follow. I’ve read your writing, you know the sort of kisses I’m speaking of.

I do. What else goes onto your pyre?
S: (his smile widens) When lips and hands can no longer contain themselves, they roam eager to touch all they can. They may grasp or nip, palms may fill, mouths may suckle… each small sensation laying tinder down for the conflagration to come. A slow undressing comes next, inch by inch revealing what smoldering kisses and warm hands have wrought. Smooth skin takes on a blush of excitement, soft nipples get hard, pupils dilate, pulse quickens and breathing comes in shallow pants. Fully uncovered now, shows silken thighs glistening while man has become steel. When lovers come together to create this fire their bodies and minds change, this is true alchemy.

Hands and lips explore unhindered now and heat and scent come in shimmering waves. Thus begins the need to devour, the need, yes need to consume the offering the other has deliciously laid before you so you may lick and taste and raise the heat even more. Fingers and tongues explore. Every bit consumed is given back and when mind and body join, the pyre ignites.  Only then are the lovers swept up in the firestorm, only then do they rise like the phoenix to be reborn in each other’s arms.

Wow, it’s warm in here.
S: Thanks for this opportunity Jocelyn. If you think of anything else don’t hesitate to email. (The smile lights the green fire in his eyes).

Thank you, S. It has definitely been my pleasure!



calliopeswritingtablet said...

He is a sexy guy isn't he? Jocelyn thanks so much for having him on your blog today. I hope readers come to know his as I do. ~Rose Anderson

Savanna Kougar said...

The heroine is one lucky woman!

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

I'm reading this at 7:30 in the morning and think I'll just go back to bed. Seriously, Hermes Online is a great story. Your word pictures are amazingly beautiful. Kudos, kiddo.


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