Friday, May 6, 2011

Doing the Moon Walk

. Friday, May 6, 2011

When I read a great new sci fi romance I have to share because there's so few of them out there. Susan Sizemore's Walking on the Moon is one of those books I gotta let you know about, especially since it's from Ellora's Cave who is known for their erotica line not their romance line (called Blush).

Here's what Walking on the Moon is about:

Walking on the MoonAward-winning chili maker Claudia Cameron comes to Greece in search of adventure and romance—and is kidnapped by a crew of hungry, time-traveling space miners in search of a cook.

Instead of a Mediterranean holiday, she finds herself walking on the moons of Mars. But once she's shanghaied on board the HATTON, Claudia must contend with not only the alien environment, real live aliens, the ship's hardhearted captain, but also her growing attraction to sexy ship's officer Denys DuChamp.

Denys is on a mission from a war-torn future. He's determined to do anything to save his time—no matter what. If it means keeping Claudia—who continues to refer to him as an "alien lizard terrorist"—prisoner, so be it. Even if it means destroying their burgeoning love—so be it. Denys can be as stubborn and pigheaded as a bulldog when he's on a mission.

However, Claudia isn't exactly the helpless prisoner type. She has a few tricks up her proverbial sleeve that come in mighty handy when she has to save her world—and her man—from the evil alien Sirens.

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