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Day Three of the Three Days of Hart!

. Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Luminous Nights (BookStrand Publishing Romance)It's the final day of the Three Days of Hart and I saved the best for last! I had the opportunity to interview the smokin' hot hero of Luminous Nights. Take a look:

Jocelyn: Welcome, Jack, the very dangerous hero of Luminous Nights. Let’s start off with the MOST important question. *WEG* Boxers or briefs?
Jack: I go commando-style. Underwear only gets in the way.

Jocelyn: Mmm. Nice. Um, okay, of the Big Three--bosom, booty, and legs--which is your favorite part of a woman?
Jack: I’m a leg man. If I’m attracted to a woman, I’m going to imagine her legs around me. If I could wander past the Big Three, I’d say her lips. A sensual woman could hypnotize me with her mouth. Very sexy. My heroine Rachel is long-legged with soft, expressive lips. I fell in love with her at first sight, long before she ever laid eyes on me. When I boarded her ship, she was as warm as a an ice cube. Now why would she feel that way when I’d just broken out of prison and had used her and her freighter to do it? It escapes me.

Jocelyn: Jack, I can't figure you out so tell me, are you a very bad good guy, or a very good bad guy?
Jack: (his blue eyes a steady stare) I guess, that’s a point-of-view question. And Rachel would probably give a different answer every day.

Jocelyn: *snort* Yeah, I bet she would. Jack, it hasn’t gone unnoticed you’ve terminated a lot of bad guys in Luminous Nights. You’d launched an interplanetary killing spree with your crazy laser gun. You’re a one-shot executioner with a weapon that burns holes through bodies. Nothing stopped you. Is it true you like killing people?
Jack: No, no, no. Was I sworn in for this interview? Okay, yes, a little. Criminals, I like shooting criminals and demons. All right, I love it, every second of it. Been a bull’s-eye shooter since I was twelve, and for good reason. If a criminal raises a gun to me, it’s his last decision.

Jocelyn: Your incredible marksmanship saved the day several times in LN. Do you credit your I-Marshal training for that?
Jack: It was actually a family tragedy that put me before the target line. I came into the Alliance Marines a dead shot, but the training at the I-Marshal Academy can’t be beat. I credit the angel over my shoulder.

Jocelyn: Let’s talk about your heroine, Rachel.
Jack: Let’s talk about her. Fine-looking woman.

Jocelyn: Yes, she is.
Jack: I get to look at her pretty face and bury my hands into her long chocolate hair every day. Our children will be beautiful.

Jocelyn: That’s sweet. You seduced her with alien chocolate.
Jack: (his smile deadly and compelling) I like to think I moved her with my charm, my wit, and my kiss.

Jocelyn: I read the book. Your wicked charisma had only put you so close to her. Rachel had been a rock.
Jack: Don’t underestimate my hands. My hands were just getting started. My lips were just warming up.

Jocelyn: It was the mind-bending chocolate and the hands everywhere that cracked her. The Aztec goddess trick worked wonders, as well. You’re an enchanting devil. You made yourself a bigger enemy by the moment, and you still melted her ice.
Jack: (engages the bulletproof grin, leans forward to share a secret) I held all kinds of blackmail and manipulation prepared and waiting in the wings, if the chocolate failed. I broke her down, disarmed her at every turn. For being such a frigid little man-hater when I boarded her ship, she did, in fact, fall to my best weapons. She never stood a chance against me as long as blood flowed through her feminine veins.

Jocelyn: There’s no denying you got under her skin.
Jack: (his sky-blue eyes twinkling with mischief) That’s exactly where I wanted to be. I might’ve been a problem during the day, but I was just what Rachel needed at night. I got under her skin, all right. Me and my hands, and other very willing parts of me. As for being her enemy… (He chuckles, then suddenly frowns) Okay, I was a real problem.

Jocelyn: How did it feel when Rachel pulled your own weapon on you?
Jack: That was the moment I had her exactly where I wanted her.

Jocelyn: Exactly where you wanted her?
Jack: Exactly. And her frisk was superb. If kids hadn’t been watching, I’d have put her on the grass and changed her world right there. I would’ve preferred the kids got lost. But they were there to rescue us. Of course, they arrested me. Not my first arrest, by the way.

Jocelyn: Tell us about the villains in Luminous Nights.
Jack: Scum-sucking demons from Hell, each one of them. They all deserved to die, but Rachel wouldn’t let me destroy the dirty bastards.. She didn’t like all the killing. Passivist. “Kill, kill, kill!” she kept complaining. She didn’t understand what they were or what I was. So I used those demons to get what I wanted from Rachel.

Jocelyn: In Luminous Nights, you’re fresh from hard time in prison and chasing down 3-D holographic masks called the Gemini ticks, technology capable of changing a person’s face. How important was your mission?
Jack: No mission was more important than stopping the ticks. The little nanocomps made a person a virtual shape-shifter. If they’d been unleashed upon the black market, world leaders could’ve been replaced in a day. It could’ve meant the end of the Alliance and peace in our sector of the galaxy. I needed to recover those ticks or kill everyone trying. No one was going to leave that planet alive without the Gemini ticks in my hands.

Jocelyn: So now you’ve ended up a mentor and father to 537 children. What’s that like?
Jack: Big crowd of little blue people at breakfast. We manage through it. It’s a small tribe, good kids. The responsibility kicks our asses every day, but that just sends Rachel and me to our bed, eager to spend time together. That’s the best part of the day.

Jocelyn: A reader asks, do you ever feel like getting back out in the field? Do you have any regrets both personally and professionally?
Jack: I did decades in the field. I never hesitated to kill the bad guys and destroy demons. The only ones I didn’t destroy, I held for the Alliance to finish off. I don’t regret not destroying them for what all I gained in return.

Jocelyn: Was that mercy for demons?
Jack: (laughs) No, it was trading trash for gold.

Jocelyn: Now that the fight in Luminous Nights is won, are you happy with your new life and, maybe more specifically, who is Jack now? Can you walk away from being a government executioner?
Jack: Hell, yeah, I can walk away. I’m no longer living as an angel of death. Risk isn’t the intoxication it used to be. Spending five high-risk years on a prison-planet with the worst scum in the Alliance territory made me love a slow life on a green and peaceful planet, digging into the soil, hunting down a nice steak. Now, I’m the adopted father of 537 kids of varying ages, but that’s not bad when your heart’s in it. Sometimes overwhelming, but never a bad job. You haven’t seen nothing if you haven’t seen 537 little smiles looking up to you at once. On top of that, I have a smart and beautiful woman who’s devoted to me. I’m not the killer I was when I met her. I wouldn’t go back to being a galactic cop, if I could. Let the young whipper-snappers straight out of the I-Marshal Academy have the day’s daredevil missions. I’d rather take the older boys hunting. Or chase Rachel around the couch. It’s a nice life.

Jocelyn: There are more I-Marshal adventures coming up, I hear.
Jack: There are! And they’re a big expansion on the I-Marshal universe. Luminous Nights was Rachel’s story of encountering an I-Marshal on a vital mission in a vast, unconnected part of space. Before I broke into her life, she’d lived an isolated life on a spaceship, and she didn’t know much about the I-Marshals, but what she’d seen in news stories and rumors. Very secret organization.
Vigilant and Gangbusters take place in the populated worlds and reveal the I-Marshals’ mandate in the galaxy, why the cops are there and the covert job we do in the war of angels against demons, Heaven versus Hell.
Vigilant, the second of three adventures, is the story of an I-Marshal buddy of mine named Weber, who finds himself elbow-deep in demons when he searches for an illegal teleport, and hip-deep in the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes upon. Yadira is a frightened victim about to be traded on the black market like cattle. She’s marked for attack by an incubus, sold by another beast who deals in human misery, and purchased by a mystery man who plans to strip her of her will, identity, and past. Weber’s gift for knowing guilt, and an angel of judgment’s power, puts him at her aid. He won’t leave her without a guardian angel at her side. She thinks the angel is a delusion, and she never forgets the vision of Weber killing the most important man in her life.

Jocelyn: Weber kills someone she loves? That’s a stop sign for love.
Jack: Oh, yeah, shoots him dead before her eyes. I’ve got to say, I’m glad I didn’t have that mountain to climb with Rachel. Weber’s got a helluva time ahead of him. Did I say Hell? Yep, that was the right word.
Gangbusters, the third of the I-Marshal trilogy, is about a team of I-Marshals undercover who bust the gangs dealing in a substance that could make crime uncatchable. No convictions, no justice. I-Marshal Danny Tierney and his partners are about to find the source of this awful product, but reporter Faith Vedder is showing up at the worst places. When she appears at the scene of Danny’s near-murder, he goes all the way to see her safe He’ll need to when the demon he thought he’d destroyed hunts them all down Resurrection sucks when the bad guys have it.

Jocelyn: Wow! I can’t wait!
Jack: Vigilant was released yesterday! Look for Gangbusters in the next few months. Then Weber and Danny can retire to the good life with their women.

Jocelyn: Thanks for the chat and being willing to get so personal.
Jack: Thanks go to you and all your readers for hanging out with me today.

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