Monday, March 28, 2011

Intimate Enemy

. Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm having so much fun writing my new sci fi romance Intimate Enemy that I thought I would share a short excerpt.


Tome Lamin considered himself patient in all things. But after hours of encountering prejudice from both the Nashete and Vitca races, his tolerance had reached its end.

Perhaps his brothers, Wharm and Kanaen, had been right. Using public transportation to make a statement might’ve been effective but damned if the bigotry they’d encountered while on their way to the peace talks hadn’t taken its toll on all three of their trinity-of-beings. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to regret his decision to come out of hiding after the murder of their Nashete father had devastated them two months ago.

Their Vitca mother had abandoned them when they were still children, but their father had raised them to believe that their dual-blood made them special not less than and they had come to the peace talks to honor his memory, Tome reminded himself as another group of Vitcas sneered at them down their long, noble noses.

“Ugh!” Kanaen said loudly as he arched a thick, black eyebrow at the group. “Could they be any more predicable and boring?”

Wharm elbowed their youngest brother in the stomach. “Acting like an ass isn’t helping matters, Kana.”

Kanaen snorted. “There is no helping matters. They can smell us a mile away. Everyone here knows we three are dual-bloods. And no one here wants a thing to do with us.”

“Patience—” Tome’s voice broke as the air shifted, bringing him a scent so soft and sweet, so moving that his heart lost its rhythm and his blood pooled low. He grew instantly hard. Ready. Alertly waiting for the virgin Vitca female who was his intimate to walk into his life and accept him into hers.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Wharm and Kanaen said at the same time.

The two formed a triangle with Tome, facing out, studying the throng, looking for danger, preparing to fight.

“My intimate is here,” Tome breathed her in again, his mouth watering.

“What?” Wharm asked.

“Where?” asked Kanaen.

“I can’t pinpoint her location,” his words came out deep, rough and he cleared his throat, trying to maintain a sense of calm or at least outward decorum as he tilted his head and inhaled. “Above us. One of the upper floors.”

Standing together as they were, when they titled their heads back to look up at the higher floors, they formed what the ancient Nashete priests called a ‘diamond of souls,’ three sets of eyes in the shape of a triangle, looking aloft, searching for answers. An auspicious formation that boded well for the search and seizure of Tome’s intimate…if he wanted her, that is.

He didn’t want her. Not even a little bit.



Hope you enjoyed meeting the three dual-blood brothers.

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


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