Monday, October 18, 2010

Should You Enter?

. Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucky ladies! We have guest blogger Wendy Ely on today to discuss writing contests. Enjoy!

If you’re active in the writing community then the chances are pretty high that you come across writing contests. I see them on chat loops, individual blogs, by publishers, writing groups, and many more! While some are free, the general concept for many contests is the author pays money to submit a manuscript to the contest. The manuscript is judged by the first round of judging and if it finals, the manuscript is read by an agent or editor.

Fabulous, right?

One of the main goals of a writer is to have their book read by an agent or editor of a big publishing house. The outcome of a contest seems like a great way to go, resulting in tons of manuscripts entered into contests each month. I do not enter my manuscripts into contests but I do judge a few contests each year and know a couple of contest winners.

So here are my two biggest tips for making the most out of a contest:
  • Do your research on who the agents and editors are in the final round. Is it someone that represents your genre? If it isn’t, pass on the contest. If you final, having a judge who doesn’t represent the same genre as your novel won’t do you any good which ends up being a time and money waste.

  • Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting and make note of what type of contest it is that you’re entering. The first round of judges needs to connect with your story in order for the big important person to judge it at the end. If you are entering a “first kiss contest”, make sure it is a kissing scene. If it is a romance contest, it is a good bet that your manuscript will be judged on romantic conflict or other elements based on the romance. If the scene you’ve chosen doesn’t portray those elements, your manuscript probably won’t make it through the first round. 
Have you entered any contests? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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Wendy has been interested in romance for a long time. She began her first romance novel when she was just thirteen-years-old. It certainly wasn't anything great but sparked the passion for writing romance novels.

When she’s not writing, she's usually busy taking care of her two children in Phoenix, Arizona. Wendy keeps busy with her small business and going to college. During her free time, Wendy enjoys traveling and being outdoors.

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