Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interview with Author Michele Hart

. Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jocelyn: Hi, Michele Hart! Thank you for stopping by to chat on Meta Modo today about your new release, Luminous Nights.

Michele: Hi, Jocelyn and Meta Modo! I’m glad to be here.

Jocelyn: Let's get right to it! Tell me what inspired you to write Luminous Nights.

Michele: The first scene popped into my head as clear as day, a gruesome prison murder and a high-risk escape, aided by a holographic mask. I just kept writing to see what happened.

Jocelyn: Your hero, Jack, is a bad boy with a mysterious and questionable past. What is it about bad boys that are such a turn on?

Michele: Jack is a bad ass. I think it’s the risk-taking that sets our female hearts aflutter. Risk-takers bring home big game. It shows they’d make worthy cave companions. Courage, skill, cunning. All that stuff just turns us women on enormously. Nearly everything about human attraction goes back to the caves.

Jocelyn: Rachel and Jack have great chemistry. Is this something you have to work at when writing love scenes or do your characters' passion come naturally?

Michele: I don’t have to work at it because I make my heroes really earn their women. By the time they find their women in their arms, I’ve put them through hell, so a lot of steam has built up. Especially with Jack. Fresh from prison, he’s a very slick operator used to getting his way with women in the outside world, so I gave him an iceberg to melt in Rachel. She knows he’s a killer, and she keeps that thought in mind when he’s focusing his charm on her. She thinks she’s strong, but Jack’s got tricks up his sleeve.

Jocelyn: How do you come up with your science fiction worlds—the technology, galaxy, etc.?

Michele: Sometimes I start with a science that fascinates me. I love futuristic technology and sneaky things that do sneaky things. Jack has a lot of technology at his disposal. Sometimes I see a scene that just comes out with such clarity, it must be written. That’s how I met Jack.

Jocelyn: How long have you been writing and when/how did you get started?

Michele: I’ve been writing on and off for about 15-20 years, interrupted by life. I have a good friend who, back in the day, sported a Mohawk and more earrings in his ears than I had in my ears. He was a creative dynamo, and I admired that in him. He passed me some pop fantasy stories, encouraging me to be creative. It worked. I was soon writing, and I have him to thank. All of Jack’s woman-wrangling skills came from my friend. He showed me how sexy combat boots can be. He used to wear them with his zebra-striped toga. Sexy. He’s Jack without the drive to kill everyone.

Jocelyn: Have you ever had an Aha! moment when writing? If so, what was it?

Michele: My writing is a series of Aha! moments. I’m not a planner, so the whole story is a surprise to me first time around. I often find myself saying, “So, that’s why that happened!” Long-hand for Aha! If I’m in a 1940s hipster mood, it’s “Eureka, baby.”

Jocelyn: Now that we’ve covered the serious stuff, how about a few fun fluff questions? If you could be an alien, what kind of alien would you be?

Michele: I don’t know how to answer that without revealing the plot of an upcoming book! I would be a friendly alien wearing a shiny robe. Who else can get away with that, fashion-wise? I would wear a big fedora to conceal my bulbous head around the “small skulls” so they don’t become envious of my giant brain. I would mesmerize the humans with some silly trick: teleportation, telepathy, interdimensional light-speed travel. Upon landing on Earth, I would immediately demand naked time with Brad Pitt and a soundproof room. Not a good idea to listen to his screams. But oh, what a welcome it would be!

Jocelyn: What would be your first question to the aliens when they visit our planet?

Michele: I’d want to know their motive right away. We have a gorgeous, juicy planet with a lot of yummy water and a fat wallet of gold, which protects against radiation. Astronaut helmets are coated with a thin layer of gold for that reason. The aliens could be here for our heavy metals, uranium or plutonium. We could be a food source for them, maybe a planetary farm they revisit from time to time to replenish their slave population. We’ve been blasting TV signals into space for quite a while now. Maybe they’re addicted to Friends, and they came to protest the show’s end. I’d really want to know what the aliens want. It’s a long, costly drive for a mission of peace. I would pat them down as soon as they step from their ship. Especially if they want naked time with Brad Pitt. Brad belongs to us, and we’ll be the ones who make that decision.

Michele: Thanks, Jocelyn and Meta Modo, for a fun visit.

Jocelyn: Thank you for allowing us to get to know you and Luminous Nights better and giving us a sneak peak of the first chapter!

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Below is an exciting excerpt of Luminous Nights:

“I’m not authorized to hand itineraries to every slick, badge-waving power jerk who boards my ship.”

Jack’s eyes sparkled from the insults. “So you think I’m slick?”

Rachel’s brow dived into her sight, and she thought his bulletproof pursuit of her cute, but she couldn’t let him know that. It was a sure bet the number of his bedpost notches constituted a furniture mauling.

“Get over yourself, Marshal. If you’ll excuse me, some of us have to work for a living.”

Jack propped a combat boot against the galley entrance, preventing her exit.

“Don’t brush me off so quickly, Rachel. You don’t know what I’m willing to barter for that itinerary and the name of Xerxes’s contact on Desmonda Station.”

Looking into his handsome holographic face, she became interested in hearing his enticements for its entertainment value. “What do you have to barter that I’d be interested in?”

“How about that surrender you requested?”

“I thought you never surrender, Marshal.”

“I had less of a technical surrender in mind than a custodial transfer of my physical self into your private servitude, prepared to take on missions of erotic nature.”

She couldn’t stifle her smile. “Private servitude. I could have you wash my windows.”

“My better skills concentrate in the bedroom.”

“Oh, yes…missions of erotic nature.”

Not the slightest bit disarmed by her sardonic tone, Jack reached out and tugged the zipper of her techsuit down achingly slow past her cleavage to her bra. He gave her his weaponized eyes of blue laser, powerful enough to break any woman’s will. Then he bit his bottom lip as though relishing the temptation of climbing into her techsuit with her. It was a lethal combination. Her blood surged through her body at the application of it.

“Do you often offer yourself as a reward for evidence?”

“This is my first time. Does it show?”

“Not at all. What makes you think I’d find value in your private servitude, Marshal? Enough value to break the law?”

His hypnotic eyes twinkled, took her over, and lingered a bit too long “I can set a fire on Pluto. I’ll melt an iceberg like you.”

He did set her to a simmer with his eyes and voice alone. She hadn’t reacted to a man like that in a long time. And she knew better than to let it happen. But Jack was a beguiling kind of fun. She couldn’t resist playing along.

“I don’t think you can…” she teased in a dilatory, cold challenge, brushing his shoulder of lint from his white shirt, “melt an iceberg…like me.”

Jack’s hand rose to her cheek and slipped into her hair. She was stunned to respond, having underestimated his hubris. She’d thought his threat an empty one. The stroke of his thumb against her cheek robbed her of her nerve. The will to protest his intimate contact fled her.

Her thoughts stopped at the silent command of his sky eyes.

Before she could step away, he brought her to his mouth and, with a half-second’s pause, Jack kissed her gently. His free hand at her back, he pressed her against his big, warm body, and he deepened the contact into a softly invasive kiss of restraint and quiet passion instead of a harder kiss more physically driven. The unexpected tenderness sent an awakening burn through her, giving her a full-body sizzle, something she’d never felt. She didn’t want his unwanted kiss to end.

When he released her, she reminded herself to breathe, to retake possession of her mental faculties. She was close to a sweat. If he’d kissed her any longer, she’d have needed to shed her clothes to keep them from catching fire. The places his hot hands had been were now cold without them. Rachel thought her knees would buckle.

Jack was right. He could set a fire on Pluto.

-End Excerpt-

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