Friday, August 6, 2010

Archangel’s Kiss

. Friday, August 6, 2010

I just finished reading Archangel's Kiss, the second book featuring Elena, the vamp hunter, and Raphael, the archangel, in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. And let me just say that this book was even better than the last (Angels' Blood).

The series picks up after Elena wakes from a year long coma to find that Rafael's kiss has converted her into an angel. A dream come true? Not really. As the first human to be converted to an angel in...maybe ever, Elena's pretty new wings are garnering way too much attention from way too many nut job angels.

When someone decides the best way to prove they belong on the big bad council is to kill Elena, complications ensue. Then when Elena and Raphael attend the ball that Lijuan, the insane, is giving in Elena's honor all hell breaks loose, and Elena has to fight to keep her new angelic life.


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