Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EPIC Call For Judges

. Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two-time EPIC e-Book award winner, Brenna Lyons is sending out a call for judges:

EPIC's eBook Awards and the New Voices competition are gearing up for judging, and it's time to sign up, if you wish to judge.

Who is eligible to judge?
  • eBook Awards
  • Published Authors (at least contracted with their first book)
  • Editors
  • Publishers
  • Agents

New Voices will additionally take: 
  • Librarians 
  • Teachers 

No offense meant to readers and reviewers, but these are peer judged/professionally judged awards.

When is judging?
First round judging for eBooks would start by August 15th and end 5 or 6 weeks later. Final round judging (if you choose to do so) would start in the last two weeks of October and be done before the holidays.
New Voices judging occurs in November.

What would I be judging? 
eBook Awards gives you the chance to choose divisions (poetry, non-fiction, anthology, children's/YA, genre fiction, romance, erotic romance, and erotica) of judging but not individual categories. If you don't want to handle erotic content or GLBT, we will make every effort to avoid it for you. If you like romance but will be entering the contemp romance and historical romance categories, just note that, and we will provide a different type of romance for you to read. eBooks in the contest will be at least 10K in length. All entries are sent to judges as unsecured PDF.

New Voices covers only middle and high school entrants, and their word limit is very short. The longest entries in that contest will be no more than 2000 words long. New Voices only covers poetry, essay, and fiction stories for each age level division. Entries are typically sent to judges as DOC or RTF.
We do our absolute best to give you the divisions you ask for in both contests, but we may ask you to judge elsewhere, if necessary.

Are there limits on judging?
We prefer a minimum of 5 books/stories judged over the period for the eBook Awards and 3 poems pieces for the New Voices Award. Both contests are set to a maximum no more than 25 books/stories/poems per judge. (Believe it or not, we have people ask for more.) You choose the number you are willing to judge.

Will I own the books I judge?
Our agreement with the entrants is that judges will delete the eBook after judging, but you still get free reads and the chance to discover new-to-you authors.
How do I get in on this great opportunity?
Sign up to judge the contests at

Love, light, and laughter!
Jocelyn Modo


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