Sunday, June 20, 2010

Call for Submissions: JMS Books LLC

. Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm excited to announce the following call is from J.M. Snyder, a self-published, ebook writer cum gay/lesbian/transgender fiction fiction publisher via JMS Books LLC.

JMS Books is making its debut July 1st, with a consider number of titles already available on site, 95% by J.M. Snyder. As always with new ventures, be sure to include a reasonable release date in the contract so your work doesn't end up in limbo if the venture fails.

Guidelines on the MS Books LLC site says: "Our contracts are for exclusive electronic and print rights."

Call for Submissions


On July 1st JMS Books LLC opens as a new small press catering to fans of gay erotic romance as well as a variety of other genres.

Multi-published author J.M. Snyder has taken the exciting step of creating her own publishing house, JMS Books LLC. New titles will be released every Thursday in a variety of electronic formats, with print formats available every month.

JMS Books LLC currently publishes a select group of authors but will accept a small number of submissions, as well. Our royalty rates are very competitive (50% of net sales on both electronic and print books) and all stories over 30k will go into print. Authors also have the option to combine short stories into single-author print collections.

We are looking for fresh, new voices in gay/lesbian/transgender fiction (including erotica, romance, and young adult), as well as general fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We accept a variety of genres but are not looking for bisexual or heterosexual erotica or romance at this time.
For a complete listing of our titles visit

Submission guidelines can be found at


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